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Resources for Current Chapters

To ensure continuity of chapter operations, chapters should complete the form on an annual basis so that organizational databases can be as complete as possible. At any point that your chapter needs to change advisors, please complete the Chapter Contact Update Form as soon as possible. 

Chapters can use this form to submit an updated inducted membership roster - including Recognized, Unrecognized, Honorary, and Alumni members. The updated roster can be submitted to

The National Constitution of Rho Alpha Sigma Honorary Society

This document is intended to provide a foundation for each chapter of Rho Alpha Sigma to seek institutional recognition as a student organization.

The script and format for the induction of new chapter/organization members in a public ceremony.

Documents by Member Request

Chapter members should email to request copies of the following documents:

  • Private Induction Ceremony (First Induction Class)

  • Private Induction Ceremony

  • Candidate Nomination Process

  • Candidate Nomination Form

  • Candidate Selection Rating Sheet

  • Chapter Letterhead

  • Sample Acceptance Letters

  • Sample Scholarship Description

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