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Constitutions and Governance

Institutional chapters of the Rho Alpha Sigma Honor Society are governed by two sets of documents:  The National Constitution and the Institutional Charter.  The National Constitution was developed and is maintained by the Board of Directors and National Chairs that serve as the governing bodies of the national organization.  The day-to-day administration of the organization is undertaken by the staff of the National Board of Directors. All chapters must adopt and abide by the provisions of the National Constitution, per their chartering agreement with the national organization. The National Constitution was amended and ratified by the Chapter Advisors on March 18, 2011. The National Constitution is available by contacting the National Advisor at


The Institutional Charter is a framework document for each chapter to edit and ratify based upon their campus regulations and guidelines.  While all chapters must abide by the National Constitution, the Institutional Charter allows each chapter to establish a set of regulations that fits their institution.  All amended chapter constitutions and by-laws must be sent to to be kept on file.

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