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Prospective Chapters

We welcome inquiries from any institution, Resident Advisor, Resident Assistant, or Community Assistant who is interested in founding a chapter of Rho Alpha Sigma at their institution. The process is quite easy. Simply complete the Prospective Chapter Application and submit the $30 application fee, and your institution will be granted chapter status at which time your chapter will receive your chapter name (e.g. Rho Alpha Sigma, Alpha Chapter) and all the information and assistance your institution will need to found your very own Rho Alpha Sigma chapter!


Each year, Chapters are allowed to induct four (4) Resident Assistants or ten percent (10%) of their Resident Assistant population, whichever is greater, each academic year. Unlike NRHH Chapters, there is no upper limit for the number of inducted members that a chapter may have. Chapter size is only limited by the number of new members it may induct in any given year.


Rho Alpha Sigma is also dedicated to encouraging excellence in performance of the RA position and to promote the Student Affairs profession amongst the most skilled RAs. Finally, Rho Alpha Sigma was founded to promote service to the institutional community.


While Rho Alpha Sigma may solely be an honorary, recognizing outstanding performance, each chapter is encouraged to engage in service activities that benefit the RA population, the campus community, and the community at large. Common service activities include the establishment of RA scholarships and the support of RAs in their attendance to RA conferences. It is hoped that service to fellow RAs and to the institutional community will become a tradition amongst the chapters of Rho Alpha Sigma.


While Rho Alpha Sigma and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) have many of the same members, Rho Alpha Sigma was solely founded to recognize outstanding RA performance. Only RAs are considered and members are chosen because of their exemplary service in the RA role, not as a resident. Below is the schedule of costs for Rho Alpha Sigma

New Chapter Membership Application

Thank you for choosing to join Rho Alpha Sigma! This is an excellent opportunity to recognize outstanding staff. After you submit the New Chapter Membership Application and submit the application fee ($30), you will receive chapter status and all related information needed to found your chapter.

Click Here to Submit $30 Chapter Application Fee

Or Remit Payment


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Tucson, AZ 85741


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